It is said that long ago, Kah Kahgoh (Crowfeather) had a vision.  Kah Kahgoh was Plains Ojibwa, called Saulteaux by the French.  He was living in what is now known as southern Manitoba.

In this vision he had been shown two large mountains side by side, that looked almost identical; and just below, a large lake.   What he learned was:

“To take your family to a safe place, you must to go where you can see two mountains that look the same standing side by side, and there is a lake below where you can live.  These mountains will protect your people in times of hardship.  They are sacred.”

Upon awakening into the physical world, he knew what he had to do: to go west, and find where him, his family, and his people can safely live.  This message was a blessing to Kah Kahgoh; he trusted the Creator knew all, including the future.

On his journey there were more people who believed in his vision and followed him to live in this sacred place.  Along the way he was travelling though the Cree territories, therefore Cree people joined him.  Upon arrival of this place they had to negotiate with the people already living in the area: The Dunne-Za (Beaver) people.

This is how the three nations came together as one and started what is now known as Saulteau First Nations.  The x was removed to differentiate from the Saulteaux in the East.  The ‘s’ was added at the end of Nation, to show that our history includes more than one nation.   This is our creation story.  The lake that Kah Kahgoh was shown, now has an English name and is known as Moberly Lake.

To this day West Moberly First Nation, and Saulteau First Nations honour Twin Sisters, and vow to protect them and the surrounding area forevermore.