Amy Ann Gauthier is a newly elected member of Chief and Council for Saulteau First Nations representing the Gauthier family.

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Photo by Jordan Demeulemeester

Lana Garbitt is a long time member of the Moberly Lake Community where Saulteau First Nation is located.  Being brought up adjacent to the reserve and graduating at the Chetwynd Secondary School, she left home to obtain a career in Dental Therapy.  In 1981  she returned to the northeast area and married  Nick Garbittt and had 4 children.

After being employed in the dental profession in Chetwynd, Lana started working part time in Saulteau First Nation’s administration. Then, in 2000 Lana was put into council through a bi-election for the Courtoreille Family.

In that short year, she was in the Lands & Resource Management area and was also instrumental in soliciting for the current Saulteau Administration Building. She returned to the political arena in April 2011 and was elected for a 3 year term and is now in her second term for the duration of 2014-2017.

Treaty Rights and Land issues are her interests and she is now working for the preservation, conservation and the protection of the Treaty that was promised to the Saulteau First Nation community back in 1914.  In her term, she hopes to make strides in enhancing these inherent rights and she will make it her mission to bring these plights into reality.

She has grown up with the instilled values of the Saulteau, Cree and Dunneza traditions.  She takes great pride in carrying on with those traditional values and the teaching that she has learned from her maternal grandmother and mother.

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Photo by Jordan Demeulemeester

Teena Demeulemeester  is a proud mother and wife who currently resides with her family in the SFN community, after graduation she went to collage to get  a Forest Technology diploma. In September 2002 she was employed  by Saulteau First Nations (SFN) as the Forestry, Lands & Environment Coordinator. During that time she worked on SFN’s woodlot 231 license, also with forest companies and Ministry of forests around forestry planning within the Peace River area.  Teena worked with different industry sectors while at SFN; Oil and gas, forestry, Range and coal. In 2005 Teena consulted for Halfway River First Nations for 7 months as the Forestry Liaison.

In 2006 she went to work with West Moberly First Nations as the Senior Forestry Officer.  While there she worked on West Moberly First Nations Forest license FIA funding and helped to get caribou studies implemented for the Graham herd and the Moberly herd. Teena also played a part in the Little Prairie Community forest helping the process by attaining funding for a First Nations forest management plan, and development of the Forest Stewardship Plan.  Teena worked in forestry for seven years before being elected in March 2011 for SFN. She represents the Desjarlais family for another three year term.

direct line: (250)788-7270

Photo by Jordan Demeulemeester

Laura Murfitt (nee Thomas) is the granddaughter of Frank and Mary Ann Napoleon and daughter of Bev Rohel (nee Thomas).  Laura is also the very proud wife to Clint Murfitt, and mother of 6.  She currently resides with her family in the Moberly Lake community; after graduation she moved back to the community and went to college to get a Human Service Worker Certificate at Northern Lights College in Chetwynd.  In 2004 Laura was successfully elected into council during a by-election for the Napoleon Family.  After that year on council, Laura was then employed by SFN as the Culture and Recreation Program Manager.   In 2009 Laura switched roles at SFN and was the Administrative Assistant for the Health Centre.  In 2011 Laura changed roles again to become the Communications Coordinator at SFN.

Since coming back to SFN, Laura has been very involved in the Housing Committee and the Rodeo Club.

In October of 2014 Laura successfully campaigned and won yet another by-election to become the Napoleon Family Representative for a second time.

Laura is passionate about the culture and traditions in living off the lands of the Saulteau First Nations traditional territory, and maintains this lifestyle with her family by hunting, fishing, camping, berry picking, home preserving (canning wild game, salmon, fruit, vegetables, and smoking salmon) and spends as much of her time as possible at the Napoleon family trap-line cabin at Boucher Lake (located between Moberly Lake and the Peace River-Peace Moberly Tract).

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