Pemmican Days is named after a traditional First Nations food made especially for winter and travel.  It takes days to prepare, as the meat needs to be hung in the ikawan and the berries dried in the sun.

Though, this is not what happens at Pemmican Days, it is merely a tribute to First Nations culture.

This annual event consists of games such as pugeesee (hand games), axe throw, bow & arrow competition, sling shot, bannock making, tea boiling, dry meat cutting, horseshoes, endurance race, and a talent show.

They are played in Men, Women, and Youth Divisions.  Hand games is played by all.  This helps the youth learn from their elders, and brings everyone together.  Pugeesee (handgames) is easily the highlight of the weekend.

This event is held every year, and usually mid July.  This allows some fun before the summer gathering, and fall hunting  which are still common practices amongst the Saulteau First Nations people.

Pemmican Days was started in the summer of 1986.  Bud Napoleon was Chief then.  He remembers how exciting it was to begin.

We used to pull each other off horses.  It was so fun!  West Mo[berly First Nation] did the same the next year. I’m happy it still continues.

Bud Napoleon enjoying Pemmican Days 32 years later


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Everyone Welcome

Drug and Alcohol Free Event//Family Event

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Full payment at time of registration

No pets are allowed at this event

2019 Dates TBA