Saulteau is currently reviewing the structure of its economic development program, businesses and joint-ventures. Saulteau is involved in a variety of enterprises that provide jobs and benefits to the community.

These include:

  • Twin Sisters Native Plant Nursery
  • 6 Nations Ventures
  • 3 Nations Ventures
  • 4ever green resources LP
  • Saulteau Safety and Secutity
  • Saulteau Camp Services
  • Saulteau Communications
  • Little Prairie Community Forest

Saulteau also receives a variety of benefits from joint-ventures and partnerships with companies such as:

  • Britco-Airamark
  • Bailey Helicopters
  • North Cariboo Air
  • Ruskin Construction
  • FMI Electrical Installations
  • Tetratec EVA
  • MTS Trucking
  • Jake’s Construction
  • KMC

Chief and Council will consider recommendations to restructure the Economic Development department and potentially create a ‘stand-alone’ economic development corporation with an independent Board of Directors that would manage and operate all of Saulteau’s business interests. Other First Nations have chosen this path and it allows the economic development corporation specific legal, tax and financial provisions that allow First Nations business to achieve maximum success and to provide maximum benefits to the community. Look for updates on this topic as the year moves forward.