OGC Ab Liaison Report

FLNRO/OGC Aboriginal Monthly Report for July 2018

Tansi/ Good day

The month of July was again a slow month for any activities in NE region, oil and Gas and FLNRO.

No reports of any spills and no Concerns came to me.  For info all concerns on Industrial practices can be address to myself and I will investigate and have either OGC or FLNRO investigate the concern.


*Previous Concerns reported; Coal mine Core samples left in Bullmoose road km4 WILL be clean up by Sept 2018. Following report w2ill be made available.

MOOSE SURVEY January 2018

*Moose survey of 7-32 PMT area was completed numbers are available at my desk. No major increase or decrease in population.  Numbers for Cows/Calf’s was also very good.

(Concerns of:  Poor Industrial practices, poor roads (poorly managed or weather effected) Littering, Wildlife poaching)

Other notes;

WMFN Cultural centre open for cultural events at WMFN Aug 4th – Aug 18th 2018

SFN Cultural Camp is Aug 12-18th 2018

PRFN Cultural Camp is July 25th – Aug 5th

FNFN days are Aug 10th-12th.


Fire Season is again among us so please camp safely, clean area good so no litter.

Also Moose hunting season opens in Aug  for your info on areas etc.

7-21B, 7-22, 7-31B Bulls Aug 15 – Aug 31

7-19, 7-20, 7-21A, 7-31A, 7-32 to 7-36, 7-42 to 7-58 s Bulls Aug 23 – Aug 31

7-19, 7-21B, 7-22, 7-31, 7-36, 7-42 to 7-58 s HBulls Sept 1 – Oct 31

7-20, 7-21A, 7-32 to 7-35 HBulls Sept 1 – Sept 30

7-20, 7-21A, 7-32 to 7-35 HBulls Oct 16 – Oct 31

Bow Only Season 7-20, 7-21A, 7-32 to 7-35 HBulls Oct 1 – Oct 15

Moose hunting restrictions within portions of MUs 7-31 and 7-32. See Map H9. For Zones A and B of 7-21 see Map H4B, for Zones A and B of 7-31 see Map H4A

H Open only for bull moose: (a) having no more than two points (tines) on one antler (“Spike-fork bull moose”), (b) having antlers with at least three points (tines) on one brow palm

The antlers must accompany the species license.


If any more info required on any above topics; please call me at 250-788-7916 or on my cell at 250-601-0010

Thank you  have a great August!

Brian Desjarlais; SFN-  FLNRO/OGC Aboriginal Liaison