Invitation for IPCA Advisory Group Participation

Posted May 28, 2024 in 

We are excited to announce the formation of an Advisory Group for the planning process of our future Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area (IPCA) that will protect the lands and waters, while also supporting sustainable economic opportunities. This is an opportunity to actively participate in protecting our territory and culture for future generations.

What is an IPCA?

“IPCAs are lands and waters where Indigenous governments have the primary role in protecting and conserving ecosystems through Indigenous laws, governance, and knowledge systems. Culture and language are at the heart and soul of an IPCA.” - Indigenous Circle of Experts, 2018

Why Participate?

Your insights, experiences, and knowledge matter! As a member of the Advisory Group, you will play a role in:

  • Contributing to an IPCA plan that reflects our community's values and priorities
  • Ensuring that our traditional knowledge and language is woven throughout the planning process
  • Representing diverse voices within the community
  • Safeguarding the protection of our cultural, heritage and sacred spaces

We greatly value your time, wisdom, insights and contributions. An honorarium will be provided per meeting too those who are members of the Advisory Group. 

Who Can Join?

We welcome all community members to apply. Whether you are an Elder with stories to share, a youth with a passion for taking care of the land, or anyone in between, your voice is important.

How Can I Apply?

To express your interest in joining the IPCA Advisory Group, please submit a brief email outlining:

  • Who you are
  • Why you are interested in participating
  • Any relevant knowledge, experience or skills you bring to the group

Please send your email and any questions you may have to Naomi Owens-Beek at the Treaty Rights and Environmental Protection (TREP) department at or talk to us directly.