The Saulteau First Nations Community Newsletter is a newsletter that goes out monthly to all community and band members either delivered right to your door or sent via email to members living off reserve.

As part of the Communications Coordinator’s job duties, it is their responsibility to come up with a monthly community newsletter. They are to seek out information from all departments of the Nation and reach out to members giving them the opportunity to submit any information they may want to share with the community.

It’s a great way for our Nation to get the word out to all SFN members about any upcoming activities, meetings, events, or any general information that may be taking place within the community.

It also advertises employment & training opportunities and event calendars for different areas within the Nation, for example we have a Health and Recreation Calendar that goes out monthly.

The newsletter is also a place where we share articles on things like Lateral Violence, Suicide Awareness and Addictions in hopes to spread awareness on such subjects.

This is also where we acknowledge any new employees joining the SFN team, birthday wishes, happy anniversaries and success stories are all welcome. The newsletter varies with submissions month to month from what departments, members and what the Communications Coordinator submits.

The newsletter is a great form of communication to get community members involved in any or all activities going on within our community all year long. In fact, strong communication can create safer communities and more rewarding living experiences.