Elections & Voting

Electoral System Overview

Chief and Council Elections occur every 4 years. The last election was in 2023


There are 5 founding families


Candidates are nominated to represent each family group

SFN Members are nominated for each family.  Sometimes one person runs unopposed, sometimes several individuals are nominated and run for the position of Family Councillor.


Election of council members

Eligible SFN Members vote for their chosen candidates to represent each family.



Of the 5 elected Councillors, any of them can put their name forward to run for Chief. If only one Councillor is nominated, then they are declared Chief by Acclamation.


Chief election

If more than one Councillor runs, then an election is held in which all eligible SFN members vote for their preferred candidate.


The new Chief & Council

Once the ballots are counted, the winner is declared and the new Chief & Council attend a Swearing-In ceremony, officially establishing them as Saulteau's new Band Leadership.