Finance & Administration

The goal of our Finance Department is to ensure sound management of Saulteau First Nations financial resources. We are fortunate to work with resources to ensure Saulteau is moving forward and promote long-term financial growth and sustainability.

We are building on our financial controls to support daily management of our programs and departments.

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The Indian Registry Administrator is primarily responsible for maintaining the Citizenship Registry for the Saulteau First Nation and to maintain the integrity of the Indian Registration with the Government of Canada.

Program and Services Include:

To provide support to citizens in applying for status. To ensure consistency of quality, accountability and high standards in all client files and registry. To maintain accurate and complete statistical records for the Nation with respect to citizenship, status applications. Maintain accurate and confidential case files.
  • Provide monthly reports to the Director of Health on departmental progress in the above areas.
  • To report to INAC as required.
  • Provide resources for clients and referrals as deemed necessary.
  • Liaise with INAC to provide assistance with status applications.
  • Work with electoral officer in all band elections and ratifications.
  • Prepare voters lists.
  • Able to verify citizenship roles as needed by other departments or agencies while maintaining client confidentiality.
  • Prepare correspondence as required.
  • Maintain the First Nation Citizenship Database
  • Work with Citizenship committee to resolve citizenship matters and assist with developing a citizenship Act.

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Finance Contacts

Charmaine Gilles
Manager of Financial Services
Payroll & Benefits Administrator
(236) 364-2012
Elisha Anderson
Accounts Payable Clerk
(250) 788-7250
 Ext. 2045
Karin Ebersohn
Accounts Receivable & Revenue Analyst
(236) 364-2048
 Ext. 2043
Rayna Davies
General Finance Clerk (Maternity Leave)
(236) 364-2041
 Ext. 2042
Carla Karstens
General Finance Clerk (Maternity Leave Coverage)
(236) 364-2041
 Ext. 2041
General Finance Clerk
Rachel Henry
Financial & Budget Analyst (Maternity Leave)
(236) 364-2010
 Ext. 2038
Iqbal Asif
Financial & Budget Analyst (Maternity Coverage)
(306) 881-2030
 Ext. 2046
Melissa Onwuliri
Finance & Governance Intern
Michelle Calliou
Accounting Technician
Adrianna Glover
Members Payable Clerk
(236) 364-2013
 Ext. 2040