Saulteau First Nations Chief and Council

The purpose of the Saulteau First Nations Chief and Council is to act on behalf of Saulteau First Nations Citizens and protect their Treaty 8 Rights and Aboriginal Rights and Title. Council is also responsible for the best interests of Saulteau First Nations Citizens and the Community as a whole. 

Chief and Council, as leaders of the Saulteau First Nations, are committed to working together to govern the Nation and to preserve the cultural and traditional values and support the health and prosperity of all Citizens and future generations. 

Chief and Council will abide by certain values, codes and ethics when acting on behalf of Saulteau First Nations and its Citizens including: 

  • Maintain a consistent focus on the wellness, best interests and priorities of the Saulteau First Nations; 
  • Support and accept the involvement of all Citizens; 
  • Respect and work to enhance and preserve the cultural heritage, language, and traditions; 
  • Protect Treaty 8 and Aboriginal Rights and Title; 
  • Respect various perspectives, opinions and beliefs; 
  • Wisely and sustainably use a variety of resources to achieve the goals of Saulteau First Nations; 
  • Protect the safety of all Saulteau First Nations’ Citizens and their right to feel safe in their homes and in the Community; 
  • Act as leaders in a manner that honours the principles of:
    • Honour (Hope, Respect, Faith, Love)
    • Family (Kinship, Good Child Rearing, Ultimate Protection, Cleanliness)
    • Mentorship (Sharing, Humility, Obedience)
    • Self-Discipline (Strength, Happiness, Thankfulness)
    • Self Sufficiency 

Chief and Council will provide the leadership needed for Saulteau First Nations to be the Best Governed Nation. A Nation that is proud, culturally strong and self-sufficient. As stewards of the land, Chief and Council will ensure that the best sustainable practices are followed, now and in the future. 

Another primary responsibility of Chief and Council is to govern as one. Council shall exert its authority as a whole and shall speak with one, unified voice. Chief and Council will not make any decisions without quorum being maintained in the meeting. The Director of Operations and Administrative Staff are obligated to follow the direction of a quorum of Council or written authorization of Chief and Council, but are not obligated to follow the direction of any individual Chief or Councillor acting alone. 

Chief and Council will govern with an emphasis on: 

  • Collective, consensus leadership taking into account the parameters of the present situation and the need for a decision, while holding in respect the requirements of traditional customs, and providing for a sustainable future for the Saulteau First Nations Citizens and the Community; 
  • Acknowledgement of and appreciation for, differing viewpoints; 
  • Respect for the separate roles and responsibilities of Council and the Director of Operations and Administration Staff;
  • The sustainable future of Saulteau First Nations rather than the past or present; and 
  • The priorities provided by the Saulteau First Nations Citizens through consultation. 

Chief and Council are the leadership of Saulteau First Nations and will govern the Nation with the best interests for a successful, healthy, and sustainable community!

Rudy Paquette

Chief - Desjarlais Family

Chief Rudy Paquette was born and raised in Moberly Lake. He worked in the sawmill at Canfor and West Fraser for five years, then worked in the oil patch for over twenty years as a supervisor. In 2016, some of the family asked him to run for Council. He did two terms as Council and now is currently Chief of the Nation.

Justin Gauthier

Gauthier Family Councillor

Justin Gauthier was born and raised in Moberly Lake. He is the son of Jim and Lynn Gauthier. Justin spent most of his adult life in construction, equipment operating and as a small business owner. Justin spent one term on Council and has been re-elected for a three-year term. Justin’s previous Council experience has well prepared him for this term of perceived growth and expansion of the Nation’s goals and objectives as per the Comprehensive Community Plan and strategic plan.

Colleen Totusek

Davis Family Councillor

Colleen Totusek is the daughter of Ben and Alice Caillou and great granddaughter of Madeline and Philip Davis. She is a mother of seven, including her stepdaughter, and she has four beautiful grandchildren that she dearly loves.

Colleen worked at the Brule Mine as a haul truck driver/trainer for many years. She left that position to be more involved in the SFN community where she held the Social Development position, but felt she could assist Community Members at a higher level in Council. In the past Colleen has proudly worked for the SFN Nation and was a previous Band Council Member. She has come full circle and looks forward to working with the Chief and other members of Council on the Members' behalf.

Donovan Cameron

Courtoreille Family Councillor

Donovan embodies a profound connection to his ancestral roots and traditions. Raised in the serene surroundings of Moberly Lake, he has managed to maintain a firm attachment to this piece of land throughout his life, spending periods of time living there while balancing professional and civic pursuits. Donovan's career is characterized by a strong technical streak. He holds a Class 1 License and has owned and managed a Geographic Information Systems and IT business.

A proud bearer of his heritage, Donovan is passionately committed to the preservation of his culture and language. He regards these elements as invaluable facets of his identity; ones which provide a sense of unity, wisdom, and continuity with the past. He is particularly interested in integrating traditional knowledge and practices within modern contexts, recognizing the immense potential this fusion can bring about in various aspects of life and governance.

In his new role on Council, Donovan aims to leverage these unique skills and deep-set passions to advance the causes and values that his people hold dear. His vision includes a blend of the old and the new, the traditional and the modern, for a future that respects and cherishes the past while embracing the opportunities of the present.

Juritha Owens

Napoleon Family Councillor

Juritha Owens was raised on Saulteau First Nations reserve at Moberly Lake BC. In 2017 she was elected as the Napoleon Family Councillor. Just recently she has been blessed with the opportunity to be re-elected for her third term as Council. The past six years have been rewarding and a great learning experience to help lead her Nation towards the direction of success.

Being raised in the community and having the opportunity to live off-reserve and travel parts of the world has given her an open-minded perspective. The many different work experiences in her past have given her the skills and ability to know how to navigate being a political leader. Her hopes are to reach a self-sustainable Nation with food sovereignty and a healthy safe community to enjoy. She thanks you for all of your continued support and will dedicate herself to helping others.

Niki Ghostkeeper

Executive Assistant
(250) 788-7364
 Ext. 2015

Tristan Robertson

Council Assistant
 Ext. 2014


Executive Director