Health Centre

Our goal at the Health Centre is to focus on providing continuous, reliable programming that focuses on holistic health and healing. The health team always strives to maintain reliability and confidentiality.

The SFN Health & Family Services Department offer several services which include the following:
  • Immunizations
  • Flu Clinics
  • Naloxone training
  • Screening activities
  • Treatment activities
  • Prenatal care (Clinics, Lunches, Biweekly gift cards ETC.)
  • Postpartum care
  • Newborn and Youth Care
  • Injury prevention
  • Yoga
  • Camp Sagitawa Christian Camp
  • Family movie nights
  • Elders swim
  • Elder golfing
  • After school programming
  • Powder King Day trips
  • Science Camp
  • Boot Camp
  • Volleyball
  • Foodie Fix
  • One on one contact with community members
  • Assist in accessing health, housing and social services
  • Assist in enhancing life skills and promoting healthy lifestyle activities
  • Advocating on behalf of clients and/or supporting them to advocate for themselves
  • Collaboration & coordination of services with appropriate community agencies
  • Liaising with hospitals and community agencies
TSOW TUN LE LUM (Traditional Healers)

The Tsow Tun Le Lum traditional healers provide programs that address the issues of addictions and substance abuse, and that support the survivors of trauma and residential schools.  

Their mission is to strengthen the ability of First Nations people to live healthy, happy lives and to have pride in their native identity. 

  • Elders Day away, Lunch Bingo.
  • COHI
  • Acupuncture Clinics
  • Men’s group
  • Optometry Clinic
  • Parenting power tools
  • Adult and youth services
  • Direct counselling
  • Community based supports
  • Cultural supports
  • Advocacy and support
  • Healthy lifestyles and health choices
  • Family violence prevention
  • Diabetes education
  • Home visits
  • Community activities
  • Social development
  • Income assistance
  • Assisted living

Doctor Hours and Locations

Office hours:  9am – 4pm (closed for lunch from 12 noon – 1pm)
Fax: (236) 364-2500


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
SFN Health Center
1712 Civic Road, Moberly Lake
Thursday and Friday
Next door to IDA Pharmacy
5016 50th Ave, Chetwynd
Pre-booking appointments is recommended, as we cannot guarantee same day availability.
Schedule is subject to change.


Dr. Banas is at the SFN Health center Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

10am – noon: Telephone appointments
1:30pm – 3:45pm: In person, by appointment

Dr. Banas’ schedule may change. On the days he has on-call shifts at the hospital, he is not available and the following day he will take half of phone calls for prescription refills only.

On days when SFN is closed (i.e., for funerals) we will try and rebook in town. If the Health Centre is overbooked with health events, we may try to move into town for those days to give them more office space.

Upcoming Health Centre Events

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Health Centre – Contacts

Ashely Gauthier
Operations Manager - Health Centre
(250) 788-7378
 Ext. 2061
Tina Young
Administrative Assistant
(250) 788-7258
 Ext. 2051
Melva Sorell
(250) 788-7280
 Ext. 2057
Heather Lirette
Community Health Nurse
(250) 788-7371
 Ext. 2058
Savannah Norris
Home Care Nurse Lead
(250) 788-7375
 Ext. 2060
Chantel Fortier
Care Aid/Homemaker
(250) 788-7285
 Ext. 2062
Kaylee Labby
Care Aid/Homemaker
(250) 788-7285
 Ext. 2059
Chelsea Gauthier
Community Health Representative
(250) 788-7262
 Ext. 2052
Rebecca Widdicombe
Wellness Counsellor
Annie Kingston-Miller
Mental Wellness & Substance Abuse Counsellor
(236) 364-2046
 Ext. 2050
Layne Labby
Home Care Nurse
(250) 788-7375
 Ext. 2063
Dianne Courtoreille
Homemaker (1 Year Term)
(250) 788-7285
 Ext. 2056
Tracy Aird
Medical Office Assistant
(250) 788-7266
 Ext. 2055
Amanda Kolosky
Medical Office Assistant (Casual)
(250) 788-7266
 Ext. 2054
Rafal Banas
(250) 788-7266