Education Department

Our focus in Education is to provide opportunity to enhance and improve the quality to life for the Saulteau First Nations Citizens through Education.

The Saulteau First Nations Band-operated school funding is allocated for costs associated with education for eligible “on-reserve students” (K4 to Grade 12).

Programs Include

  • Muskoti Primary Program (which consists of Kindergarten 4 (year’s in age)
  • Kindergarten 5 (year’s in age) and Grade 1
  • Muskoti Adult Education
  • Indigenous Services Canada’s Post-Secondary Student Support Program
  • and Own Source Supported Employment and Training Program

Positions Include:

  • Director of Education
  • Education Coordinator
  • Employment & Training Officer
  • Adult Educator
  • Adult Education Assistant
  • Primary Teacher
  • Primary Education Assistant
  • and Cultural Coordinator