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Saulteau First Nations Development Corporation Model - Mistahiya

The Mistahiya Development Corporation is in it’s pre production phase and it will soon become the umbrella corporation that will oversee all the Nations entities. The organizational chart shows the layout of how it operates. As the Saulteau First Nations continues to grow and expand the scopes of work and economic base of the community it is critical that the institutions that are entrusted with the responsibility to manage all of the Community economic opportunities are structured to ensure the greatest value to the shareholder; the community and its members.

Two critical objectives of Saulteau Corporate Model are to position the community for growth and to ensure the maximum financial, environmental and legal protection to the community, its resources and services.

The Mistahiya model positions SFN business to;

  • To take advantage of shared services to reduce the operating costs and improve the competitiveness and profitability of each business
  • Position the community to be able to expand into new areas of commercial interest
  • Provide another layer of economic, legal and environmental protection for the community and its’ resources from any business activity

In the model Mistahiya is the new operating entity responsible for the financial and management oversite of all of SFN commercial businesses. To maintain consistency across all businesses and minimizing duplication Mistahiya will also deliver shared services in the key areas of Finance, Human Resources and Safety. Mistahiya will have the dual role of maintaining and growing the existing businesses and exploring new areas of economic growth and interest, which would be brought forward to the Chief, Council and community for support and ratification.