4Evergreen Resources LP.

4 Evergreen Resources LP (4EG) is the officially designated and authorized flagship company for the Saulteau First Nations for natural resource development opportunities. Saulteau First Nations is the sole shareholder.

4EG acknowledges the economic and social benefits arising from developing strong relationships with industry partners, local contractors, and suppliers. Newly formed limited partnerships and strategic business alliances will allow 4EG to participate in works otherwise inaccessible. Establishing longterm relationships will benefit our industry partners, the Saulteau First Nations, its people, and all partner contractors.

In order to create employment opportunities within our community; business relationships are structured to promote specialized skill set transfer in the form of “job shadowing” and apprenticeship training from our highly skilled partners.

4EG is committed to excellence in managing all of the health, environmental and safety aspects of our business and operations. All subcontractors are required to be fully insured and have an appropriate safety management system in place.

We are a construction management and procurement company for oilfield, mining and forestry related activities.

Our key ingredient is the people behind the company and our excellence is solidly anchored in people-based strategies.

We offer our clients project certainty, worry-free social license, as well as an opportunity to harness local knowledge as a low-cost leader for our clients.

Our Strategy: In good standing as planned

It’s our intention to strive to be in good standing with our leadership, our clients, the community, and our team.

If 4EG is in good standing with its clients, it has executed it’s projects as planned and agreed upon.

If 4EG is in good standing with SFN’s leadership, it is profitable and brings the community honor and prestige.

If 4EG is in good standing with the community, they realize benefits the community value.

If 4EG is in good standing with the team, it has improved their value, made their work environment a positive place to be, while giving them purpose and an opportunity to contribute to 4EG’s mission.

Managing implies a responsibility for attempting to shape the economic environment; for planning, initiating, and carrying through changes in that economic environment; and for constantly pushing back the limitations of economic circumstances on the enterprise’s freedom of action.

4EG By The Numbers



million dollars in clearing and roadwork project delivery in the last 5 years.


Geared Up

pieces of logging and roadwork equipment.



LTI & RTI ratings under COR Certification.


Local Expertise

percent Indigenous employees in our workbase.

4EG History: Every Company Has Its Origin Story.

The entrepreneurial spirit of the Saulteau First Nations beats in the very core of 4EG. We started as a lean startup self funding a buncher as our first piece of logging equipment and have boot strapped our way to the size of company we are today.

We have historically self performed our projects and continue to be sought out by multinational clients and awarded distinctions for performance and safety.

However, we never forget our first client, Walter Energy, nor do we forget why we are in business. We are a business intended to serve society while delivering our unique value proposition to our clients offering project certainty, social license and indigenous inclusion.

4EG Achievement

Through the continuous improvement process and selfless dedication to client needs 4EG has earned the following distinctions & recognition.

2013 BC Aboriginal Business Award Winner

Shell HSE Best in Class Award

Community Business, 2014

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